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About the Practitioner

About Alfred-Andrew Bowen:

  • License earned at ATI - Career Training Center Dallas, Texas 600 Hours. 11/2008- 7/2009
  • State of Texas Massage License Number (LMT # 109571)
  • State of California Massage Certification Number (CMT # 74630)
  • Passionate and empathetic therapeutic massage therapist
  • Thorough knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology
  • Evaluating orthopedic testing and assessment formulates a treatment plan and makes recommendations for self-care
  • Actively engaged in continuing education while earnestly seeking new techniques to improve quality of treatment

 Licensing and Credentials:

  • 9+ years massage bodywork experience in therapeutic massage and injury recovery
  • Over 12,000 hours of Clinical Hands on Massage Therapy
  • 600 hours. State of Texas Massage Therapy License Number (LMT # 109571)


  • State of California Massage Certification Number (CMT # 74630)


  • 450 hours. Neuromuscular Therapy Certification 


  • 4 hours. Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy for Headache  


  • 6 hours. Deep Tissue Certificate

          body mechanics

  • 6 hours. Iliopsoas and Low Back Referral Points Certificate

          iliopsoas and quadratus lumborum release

  • 6 hours. Lymphatic Drainage Certificate

         Manual Lymphatic Drainage

  • 6 hours. Advanced Sports Massage

         sports massage

  • 6 hours. 50 minute Hot Stone Certificate


Practice Philosophy:

Soothing Escape was developed to alleviate the cause of muscle tension, not to treat the symptoms.

Describe a recent project you are fond of?: 

 I have worked with many ranges of people from the elderly inside nursing homes providing gentle compression and Manual Lymphatic Drainage, to working with the children of Our Children's House Of Baylor in Los Colinas observing the physical therapy rehabilitation of the children with; cerebral palsy, recovering from brain tumors, and traumatic experiences that frequented the facility.

A passion in sports and performance training lead to my tenure working with the athletes of Paramount: Strength and Conditioning where I acted as the Clinical Strength Coach, there to prevent injury during /post power lifting and strongman competition.

What do you enjoy about the work you do?:

 I enjoy the satisfaction that when receiving massage on a consistent basis, during every massage we are working to influence positive empowerment of your entire body; from the inside boost of your immune system to the outside invigoration of your muscles.

How does your service stand out?:

When I work with my clients, I ask questions first to hear what you tell me what your body is in need of and then at the beginning of every massage session I take time to balance/center myself to feel where your body is calling out to receive bodywork


**ANNOUNCEMENT** SE: Massage and Performance Therapy accepts all forms of credit card and cash exchange for massage therapy, as a "Donation or Gift" for the advancement of education, skills, and techniques for the purpose of providing a greater service to all clients I pursue to positively prepare for the performance of their everyday lives.


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